The Sultanate of Oman

Sinbad the Sailor, the Three Kings of Orient and the Frankincense Trail ...the homeland of this exciting histories is worth being visited!

The Sultanate of Oman is a country with an enormous wealth of natural attractions, fascinating culture, stunning landscape and a warm welcoming people who take pride in showing off their country to visitors. Recent advances in the tourist infrastructure has made Oman a top destination for divers, wildlife and nature enthusiasts, hikers and sightseers, who relish the pristine waters, glorious mountain ranges, stunning desert, and fascinating forts and souks of this ancient land.

Home to a wide range of award-winning five-star hotels, Oman is the perfect destination for leisure, business, conference and incentive travel.

Boat trips to see dolphins, close encounters with nesting turtles or browsing the souks for gold and frankincense, Oman offers something for every visitor whatever their interest.

The second largest country in the region, Omanís greatest attraction is its diverse landscape including majestic fjords in the far north in Musandam, virgin sandy beaches, magnificent desert expanses, rugged mountains and a lush south.

Oman takes pride in its rich cultural and archaeological heritage reflecting hundreds of years of international trade and foreign influences. Evidence of a glorious ancient past is spread all over the country, home to more than 500 forts, castles, and towers.

Capital attraction: Muscat, the capital of Oman, is a perfect blend of old and new and the city enjoys a dramatic setting with mountains on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other.

Founded over 900 years ago, Muscat continues to retain traditional values, while also boasting ultra-modern shopping complexes, world-class highways, a host of international hotels, an international airport and a major seaport.

This quaint and enchanting city, with Muscat, Muttrah and Ruwi forming its core districts, is home to some 500,000 people. Featuring many grand mosques, forts, castles, souks, traditional houses, museums and watchtowers, it is a popular tourist attraction.

Muscat, the old port area, is the site of the Sultanís main palace and provides a fascinating place to spend a few meandering hours. Two forts, Jalali and Mirani, both of which were built by the Portuguese, dramatically guard the entrance to Muscat and serve as sentinels to the Sultanís palace. Interestingly, until a few decades ago, the entrance to the city was locked every night.

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